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Being responsive to congregant needs is one of the most important functions of your organization. Membership Management 2000 is written with this in mind. As the number one Synagogue Software available each screen and report is easy to access and comes complete with all the important information to allow you to respond quickly to both synagogue requirements and an individual's needs. MM2000 is not just a passive record keeping package. It is an active, dynamic way to enhance synagogue life through increased communication, contact and awareness of the synagogue's mission and goals. The reality of synagogue life today is that there is tremendous competition among non-profit organizations for the donated dollar. Using the many features of MM2000 and MMOnTheWeb, congregant contact will be increased, translating into greater participation, both physically and financially.

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Membership Management Services (MMS)
is the leading software developer for synagogues throughout the U.S. and Canada. With over 27 years of experience, Membership Management Services has been perfecting its flagship product, MM2000 - a single-interface solution for integrating Membership, Accounting, and Donor Support.

Cultivating a rich and deep relationship with your congregants is one of the most important functions and goals for any synagogue's clergy, administrative and managerial staff. By serving synagogues exclusively, Membership Management Services is solely focused on developing and improving your synagogue community, one member at a time.

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We know that choosing your synagogue software package is one of the most important tasks you are now facing. By joining our nationwide family of synagogues, you will be gaining exceptional software and the support of a company that is dedicated to your success.

Easy To Use
Our screens are designed so you will easily find the information you want when you want it. Search for members and their children by their last name. Export data with just a few keystrokes. Pay off a congregant's outstanding balance with just one click of the mouse. And most of all we organize your data by modules so you'll always know what information you are looking at.

Enhanced Communication
The system comes complete with easy to generate rosters, exports to Word and Excel, and labels for the entire membership or any set of user-defined groups. It also facilitates regular member contact for birthdays, anniversaries, donation acknowledgements and yahrzeit notices. Our Email Blasts enables you to send out unlimited emails directly from your database while generating mailing labels for those members that don't have email addresses!

Enhance your MM2000 experience by adding MMOnTheWeb, a user-friendly interface that gives your synagogue members a secure password-protected login to access their information through your website. Members can retrieve and update their demographic information and use a variety of membership, accounting, school and donation features. Take your Member Directory on the road with our optional Smart Phone App for both Android and iPhone.

Increased Financial Control
The Accounts Receivable Module is available not only for sending statements and making collections, but it assists in providing management information to aid in budgeting and decision-making. There is no limit on how the information is accumulated and/or detailed. Once posted, all financial information is current and available for on-line inquiry and reporting, and all financial data can be password protected. MM2000 has over 30 statement formats, including the ability to email them. An optional feature allows future income projections for any month or year - perfect for bank loan applications.

Flexible Reporting and Data Export
Over 200 pre-programmed reports are part of the standard system. In addition to offering a print preview function, MM2000 offers export capabilities to Excel or Word and access allowing any staff member to capture key information for personalized letters, labels, emails and reports.

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Membership Management Services


Single User$2,750.00
Multi User (2 to 5 users)$3,350.00
Each additional 5 user pack$600.00

The above pricing includes the following:

Membership Module (unlimited members) Cemetery Module
Accounts Receivable ModuleScroll of Remembrance/Yiskor Book Module
Yahrzeit ModuleDonation Acknowledgement Module
Special Event Seating ModuleB'nai Mitzvah Module
Non-Member Mailing List Module Email Blasts Module
First Year Of Unlimited Telephone Support

Optional Enhancements to MM2000

MMOnTheWeb hosting charge
School Module
Campaign Management Module
Automatic Payments Module
Shalach Manot Module
Cash Projection Module
QuickBooks® Interface
Synagogue Phone App
On-site implementation and training
Pervasive® PSQLTM Client/Server Implementation
      (10 user licenses)
      (Over 10 user licenses)
ODBC Data Definition files
Convert your current data to MM2000

Call For Pricing
(Increases processing speed by 3 to 5 times)
Call For Pricing
Call For Pricing

On-site training price does not include travel expenses or lodging during training.
Minimum Hardware Requirements: PC with a 500Mhz (or better) Pentium Processor, 128 MB RAM, Windows 98 Second Edition® operating system (or newer), CD-ROM drive.


MM2000 is compatible with the following server platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2000®, Microsoft Windows Server 2003® Microsoft Windows Server 2008®, Microsoft Windows XP operating system, Novell Netware, and Linux.
The following are trade names, trademarks, or registered trademark names of their respective companies: Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP, Word, Excel, Outlook (Microsoft Corporation); QuickBooks® (Intuit, Inc); Pervasive® PSQLTM (Pervasive Software Inc.);. Linux (Linus Torvalds). ICVerify® (ICVERIFY, Inc., a division of First Data Merchant Services Corporation.); Constant Contact, (Constant Contact, Inc); Sage 50 Accounting, Sage in Standard ERD, Sage 300 Standard, Sage in Fund Accounting (Sage Software, Inc.); PayPal™, Google Checkout™, CYMA (CYMA Systems, Inc); Fund E-Z (Fund E-Z Development Corporation)..
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Development Specialists
EHL Consulting Groupwww.ehlconsulting.com
Steve Breuer Associateswww.stevebreuer.com
The Mark Randall Companywww.markrandallcompany.com
Synagogue Organizations
Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal www.aleph.org
Jewish Reconstructionist Unionwww.jrf.org
The Orthodox Unionwww.ou.org
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaismwww.uscj.org
Union for Reform Judaism www.urj.org
Professional Organizations
National Association of Temple Administratorswww.natanet.org
The North American Association of Synagogue Executiveswww.naase.org
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Membership Management Services
5900 Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 525
Sherman Oaks, CA 91411
Telephone Fax
(818) 988-0008 (818) 988-9372
Sales/Marketing Sales@MM2000.net
Customer Service Support@MM2000.net
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Cultivating a rich and deep relationship with your congregants is the one of the most important functions and goals for any synagogue's clergy, administrative and managerial staff. Membership Management Services has spent the last 21 years working exclusively with synagogues to develop tools that improve both your engagement with the community as well as your synagogue's administration and executive management team.

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MMOnTheWeb is a web-based, member-friendly enhancement to MM2000. MMOnTheWeb provides synagogue members with a secure password-protected login to your synagogue's website. Once logged in, members can retrieve and update their membership information and use a variety of membership, accounting, donor-related and family-specific features. From pulling up their statement and paying online using a credit card to looking up Yahrzeits, adding children to membership, registering for school and events, making donations, and using the optional online membership directory, MMontheWeb is a one-stop source of efficiency for any synagogue's administration! Click here for online demo!

* Members login from your synagogue's home page
* Members can login using either their membership ID or email address
* They can change their passwords
* View and update their Member and Child Information
* View their statement and pay off any item by Credit Card
* Make and pay for donations to any synagogue fund
* Look up their family Yahrzeits including next observance
* Register for Events
* Enroll children into school or camp including updating emergency information, taking deposits and choosing billing options
* Access a Member Directory by last name, first name or zip code
* Members can opt out of directory completely or just suppress their phone number or email address
* Non Members can make and pay for donations
* One button synchronization of data on the web with data in the office
* Synagogue controls which menu items are listed on the MMOnTheWeb menu

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* Maintain multiple terms for Religious School, Hebrew High, Nursery School, Pre School, Day School, Summer Camp, Adult Education and Mitzvah Day projects
* Enroll children (from the Child Database) and adults (from the Member Database) in any available class
* Quick, one-button student enrollment in classes
* Setup Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Student Aides, etc. using both adults (from the Member Database) and children (from the Child Database)
* Maintain extensive student notes for every class, including a user definable checklist
* Special Notes for each Student including doctor and insurance information
* Emergency Contact information with an "Authorized to Pick-up" toggle
* Track special dates, allergies, "best buddies", health issues and more.
* Attendance Module for tracking Absences and Tardiness with printable attendance reports
* Rosters, Labels, and Mail Merges by School Term, Course Code, Class, and Day
* Print Report Cards detailing grade, cooperation, and study habits information
* Track Students' school class history and print Student School History reports detailing grades received and teachers'/administrators' notes
* Create charges for up to six different billing codes for each class with automatic transfer into accounts receivable
* Interface with mapping programs allowing the creation of maps for Bus Routes, Car Pool Routes, Field Trips, etc.

* Manages multiple Campaigns at the same time
* Maintains Capital and Annual Campaigns, Endowments, Expectancies and Planned Giving
* Assign & track campaign workers as well as track prospect & donor history
* Maintain naming opportunities and an inventory of items for dedication
* Keeps extensive printable notes with unlimited subjects
* Record recognition level and print report
* Reports on future pledges by date and amount
* Lists pledges by Campaign and amount
* Print worker assignment cards for Phone-a-thon or solicitation visit
* Customizable letters and thank you notes
* Donor, Worker and Committee reports and exports

* Create payment schedules to process payments using credit cards or postdated checks
* Process credit card payments from within MM2000
* Store credit card information (encrypted) including billing address and card verification code
* Process payments for different activities at various times of the month
* Store multiple credit cards for each family

* Creates member check list to include with your order form
* Enter senders and recipients
* Generate reciprocal gifts and/or universal senders
* Print listings by senders or recipients, and generate a variety of statistical reports
* Print basket or greeting card lists
* Use for Purim and/or Rosh Hashanah greeting cards

* Generate schedules for future income regardless of fiscal period
* Project future income for collateral or bank loan reports
* Report by member, charge code, month or year

QuickBooks® Pro and Premier INTEGRATION
* Designed for use with QuickBooks® Pro and Premier Editions
* Seamlessly transfer Accounts Receivable data from MM2000 to QuickBooks® Pro or Premier General Ledger
* Works for either accrual-basis or cash-basis accounting
* Visit http://www.quickbooks.com/products for more information about QuickBooks®

The Customized Syngogue Phone App For Your Staff, Members, or Both
*Use the Member Directory to make calls, send an email, or map to somoene's home address with just one tap
*Integrate your Social Media and post your Tweets and Facebook's Status Updates striaght to the app
*Host your synagogue Calendar so your members and staff know exactly what's happening and when
*List direct phone numbers and emails of your staff, for qucik and easy contact
*Get directions from anywhere in the world to the Synagogue by just tapping ont he screen
*Host a picture gallery and share all your wonderful moments with the world
*Great to use as an advirtising tool
*Get your 20 and 30 Somethings more involved with your Synagogue by making it easy for them to know what's going on

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MM2000 is easy to use. To help you get up and running, we don't just let you read your way through an instruction manual. We show you how to utilize MM2000 to meet your synagogue's needs. Our support staff provides the training to get you started and keep you operating. For those who like to read, we provide detailed tutorials. For a more hands on approach, we offer initial and on-going training and implementation by a Membership Management Services staff member at your synagogue or by telephone (for all your staff - including clergy).
Training services $650.00 per day at your site
$150 per hour on site or over the phone

Live Customer Service (not voice mail) is available 24-hours a day! Your first year of unlimited telephone support is included at no extra charge. When we develop custom reports for any synagogue, they are included in our Custom Report Portfolio, and become available to you at no extra charge. Support (after the first year) is available on a yearly basis starting as low as $950.00 per year.

Premium Support for 1 year (After the first year)
Includes: Unlimited Telephone Support, Program Updates, Two Custom Programs/Reports and a subscription to Membership Management Services' Custom Report Portfolio.
Single User System $1250.00
Multi User System $1700.00
School Module Support $50.00 after the first year.

Basic Support for 1 year (After the first year)
Includes: Unlimited Telephone Support Program Updates and a subscription to Membership Management Services' Custom Report Portfolio.
Single User System $950.00
Multi User System $1200.00
School Module Support $50.00 after the first year.

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There are always times when no matter how many ways you slice the pie, someone wants it cut just a bit differently. To that end, the programming staff at Membership Management is available to write custom programs to fit your needs, and the needs of your constituents. We have been writing custom software for our synagogues for over 20 years. These programs then become part of our Custom Report Portfolio, and are made available to our other clients at no additional charge. Custom programming is integral to how we grow MM2000 based on the needs and requests of our clients. Custom programs are written based on your specification at the rate of $125.00 per hour.

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Data conversion is a concern at every Synagogue. We have converted most synagogue software programs and many 'homemade' programs numerous times. By using Membership Management to convert your data, many hours of input can be saved and your data will be converted accurately. We don't just run your data through a conversion program and give it back to you for data correction. We work with you to deliver the best possible outcome.

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Membership Management Services' MM2000 is built from the ground up. Our platform offers many valuable features for membership, accounting, and donor development to synchronize data into one single interface. MM2000 can be purchased for either a single user or for multiple users in your synagogue's office. MM2000 was created to satisfy the many needs of the Executive Director, Clergy and Administrative Staff.
MM2000's standard base package includes the following features:

MMS offers numerous optional enhancements to build on to MM2000. Please see Add-On Enhancements for more information.

Both the member and child information contain similar features. MM2000 is built with custom inquiry screens to access vital demographic information tailored for both Executive Director and Clergy/Staff respective needs.

* Name, Nickname, Hebrew Name (in English transliteration or Hebrew font)
* Find Family Records by either member or spouse last name, or by ID
* Maintain Birth, Anniversary, and Membership dates
* Marital Status
* Occupations
* Up to 98 addresses per family, with 3 telephone fields per address for home, work and Cellular phone numbers
* email addresses for both member and spouse
* Maintain separate "Mail to" and "Bill to" addresses
* Unlimited Membership Type categories
* Unlimited activities and attributes
* Suppress unlisted telephone numbers from rosters
* High Holy Day non-assigned seating
* Comments
* Automatic link from member screen to child screen
* Related family member information
* Change or delete Member IDs
* Executive Director screen with full demographic information including: children, related family members, accounts receivable, yahrzeits, family pictures, private or shareable notes, and automatic letter writing and emailing features
* Clergy/Staff Inquiry screen with full demographic information including: children, related family members, yahrzeits, family pictures, private or shareable notes, and automatic letter writing and emailing features
* Numerous reports, rosters and label formats with print preview screens
* Export capabilities for personalized letters, labels ...

* Name, Nickname, Hebrew name (in English and Hebrew)
* Birth, B'nai Mitzvah and Confirmation dates
* Connect a child to more than one family and list both parents on rosters
* Detailed B'nai Mitzvah preparation screens, including parshah and meeting codes
* "Bill to", "Mail to", "email to" and "special" addresses
* Public/Nursery/Day School Codes
* Religious and Hebrew School Codes and Classes
* Unlimited activities
* Automatic connections to siblings, parents, and step-parents ( no need to enter a child twice)
* Comments
* Name search by last name
* Numerous reports, rosters and label formats with print preview screens
* Export capabilities for personalized letters, labels ...

* Unlimited Charge Codes
* Summary and detailed Accounts Receivable available on demand with on-line inquiry
* No extra steps for overpayments, prepayments or new charges
* View deposits PRIOR to posting
* View and edit payment and charge journals before posting
* Global/batch billing by member or child activity, membership type, member family status, gender or school codes
* Charge members monthly, quarterly or annually using our Cycle Billing Module or "define your own" billing periods
* Change or combine Charge Codes
* Report on total charges, adjustments, payments and balance due
* Transaction types link to general ledger debit and credit numbers (either cash or accrual)
* Aging reports with user-defined columns print to screen or printer
* Donor Receipts comply with IRS regulations and Revenue Canada
* Print reports for any range of accounts (Temple, Religious School, Nursery School, etc.)
* Provide correct Donor Receipts to check writer even when applying payments to another member's account
* Choose from over 30 statement formats
* Export capabilities for spreadsheets, personalized letters, labels ...

* Enter a single deceased with English, Hebrew, or English and Hebrew dates for multiple notifications
* Print weekly or monthly lists, memorial plaque lists, Rabbi's lists, and labels
* Print personalized Yahrzeit notices to members and/or non-members
* Unlimited Yahrzeit notices for each deceased
* Online look-up to Cemetery Module for burial plot information
* Hebrew/English and English/Hebrew date conversions and lookups
* Special Phonetic Pronunciation field for Rabbi's pulpit lists
* Deceased name in Hebrew font available for Rabbi's list, Yiskor list, Yahrzeit notice

* Unlimited events
* Use assigned or unassigned seating
* Assign seats for the High Holy Days or any other Special Event (banquet, concert or lecture)
* Multiple ticket prices
* Meal selection
* Copy seating plans from one event to another
* Print seating tickets in your own format through our RTF (Rich Text File) feature
* Print seating reports
* Interface to Accounts Receivable for billing
* Export capabilities for personalized letters, labels, tickets ...

* Send email blasts to your Members or Children, then create labels for those without email addresses
* Turn any document into an email, not an attachment, and send it to your congregation
* Send child emails to chidren or parents
* Send emails and create labels based on gender, activites, or groups
* Create emails and labels for all children based on their school classes or activites
* Export email lists to Excel, Constant Contact or Microsoft Outlook
* Email Statments, Yahrzeits Notices, and Birthday/Anniversary Notices & your bulletins

* Enter an unlimited number of non-members/prospective members
* Set up an unlimited number of separate validated mailing lists
* Print labels in multiple formats, with Bulk Mailing reports by zip code
* One step removal of obsolete lists

* Track synagogue cemetery, and/or sections in other cemeteries
* Define your own location criteria
* Maintain detailed deceased information, including armed forces service
* Track each property for available, reserved or occupied status
* Reports by plot status, sequence or member
* On-line member and non-member ownership information
* Automatic billing for annual or seasonal plot care

* Enter both person to be remembered and by whom
* Print lists by person remembered or by person remembering
* Print to disk or send to your outside source for printing

* Enter donations with or without posting to member A/R records
* Automatic letters, in your format, for thank-yous and notifications
* Distribute donations to any fund
* Select "In memory of...", "In honor of...", or define your own reason for recognition
* Send notices to members or non-members

* Detailed B'nai Mitzvah preparation screen, includes parshah and meeting codes
* Schedule Rabbi meeting date and Speech "due" date
* Annual Calendar report listing every Holy Day, great for scheduling future years
* Export of upcoming B'nai Mizvahs including parent and step-parent addresses, phone numbers and e-mails
* Four lines of user-defined comments to track readings, tutor information, special family needs, party info and much more

Telephone support includes answering questions regarding the operation of Membership Management Services software including diagnosing problems with data entry, and general "how to" issues. Make as many contacts as needed to resolve the issue. Telephone support requires telecommunications software be installed and operational on your computer.

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